We offer Truth Kombucha not only in bottles but also on tap to enjoy in bars, restaurants or cantines. Served on tap, Truth Kombucha fits right in as a smart alternative to alcohol, soda or something different.

Drink different


Truth Kombucha fits right into bars. Next to beer or other assortiments on tap. We invite you to try 3 delicious recipes served in their own glass.


Truth Komubucha is also a nice compliment to your meal. Also try delicious food pairings or experiment with mixology to create new delicious cocktails.


After a workout at the gym, or just lounging around at the spa, Truth Kombucha is a refreshing drink to enjoy next to an active and healthy lifestyle.

Brewed locally in Utrecht, we use

Does Truth Kombucha fit your assortiment? Whether you are a shop, restaurant, cafe, bar or cantine owner, feel free to contact us for a collaboration!


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